New Students
Check In Event

How Do I Join ESN? It's Easy!


Create a account with your new Finnish university email and pay the membership fee or welcome pack on KideApp. Please do this before the check-in event. 


Visit us at the check-in event to pick up your physical ESNcard. You will need to bring a passport-sized photo of yourself! Bring student documentation if you didn't register on Kide with your Finnish university email.


After you pick up your card,  You can pay for your Finnish student overalls on Kide or at the check in event, but this year they will be delivered at a later time. Signup for events and trip sales will be possible already.


ESN Uni Helsinki Online Membership

You will become a member of the association by purchasing the ESN Uni Helsinki membership card online or through the mobile at at With the membership you will join the international ESN community in Helsinki and get free and discounted tickets to our events, trips, and parties!

The cost of the ESNcard and membership of ESN Uni Helsinki is 12 (prices may increase after October 1st, 2023).

Remember to register your account online or through the mobile Kide app with your Finnish university email! Other emails used may need up to 10 business days to be activated, which means you won't be able to register for events right away.

Online Membership Requirements

To become a member, simply buy your ESNcard through KideApp! You can even become a member of ESN Uni Helsinki as soon as you have your Finnish university email address (,,,, etc.), or a valid Finnish student card, or a valid Finnish student certificate.

Remember, that to become a member you have to belong to one of the following groups:

We strongly recommend that you create your KideApp account with your Finnish university email address! If you do, we can easily verify that you're a student in Helsinki. If you've signed up to KideApp using your personal email address, you'll have to verify your student or intern status. To do that, you can use the membership verification form or visit us during our Office Hours. Please keep in mind that this may result in a significant delay to activating your membership, and highly suggest that you register on Kide with your Finnish university email address.


What will I need to get the physical card?

Visit use at check in or at office hours which will be announce in our group chat, socials, and will be on our calendar

Do I have to activate my card on

No... but the ESNcard is the physical membership card of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). It gives you access to all the services offered by ESN and all our partners. The aim of the ESNcard - or ESN membership  - is to support international students and trainees and give them access to affordable opportunities during their period abroad.

After collecting your ESNcard, register your membership by creating an account in website. Save your ESNcard number to your profile settings to get access to all the discounts we offer internationally!

With the ESNcard, you will enjoy plenty of discounts - transports, housing, sport, food, bars, etc. - all over Europe. You will also have the opportunity to participate in hundreds of events with your ESN section and other sections around your destination country, and even beyond, for the period of your membership. You can check all discounts on

3. You're part of our family now!

Attend events and stay connected with us!

Event Registration

Signup for events and purchase your overalls here beforehand. Remember to sign up only if you are attending, as those who claim free ticket events and don't show up will have their membership deactivated immediately. 

International Group Chat

We will be posting announcements here for those that don't use social media. You can also use this group to connect with others and to ask questions!


We will use this as the main channel of announcements, including event releases, giveaways and more. We will still post inside the Telegram group for those that don't use socials.