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You will become a member of the association by purchasing the ESN Uni Helsinki membership card, ESNcard and filling the membership registration form. The cost of the ESNcard is 5€. With the membership you will join the international ESN community in Helsinki and get discounted prices to our events, trips and parties!

Board positions

ESN Uni Helsinki affairs are administered by the dedicated board who make decisions about the general functioning of ESN Uni Helsinki throughout the year.


  • Position filled


  • Position available

Responsible for the financial matters: accounting, invoices, reimbursements, plans and supervises the budget, makes and presents financial statements in annual meetings.

Knowledge about Finnish law and Finnish language skills are a big plus.

Vice President & Local Representative

  • Position available

Helps and supports President and their tasks, chairs meetings if the president is absent, makes sure that rules are being followed, makes sure GDPR rules are followed, responsible for documents and applications as well as files on the shared drive, presents our section during intersectional meetings between ESN sections in Finland.


  • Position available

Board meetings are normally organised twice a month. Secretary makes meeting arrangements: creates a poll, books a venue, picks up a key and buy snacks, writes meeting minutes, collects signatures for the minutes, and makes sure our membership registry is up to date.

Events & Party Coordinator

  • Position filled

Communication Manager

  • Position filled

Trips Coordinator

  • Position filled

Board assisting positions

Event assistant

  • Position available

Plans and organises events under the supervision of the events coordinator.

Communication assistant

  • Position available

Helps to run social media accounts and plan communication strategy under the supervision of the communication manager, creates content and updates social media and our website, responds to messages on social media and email.

Office hour coordinator

  • Position available

Office hours are normally organised once a week at the beginning of the semester and then twice a month. Organises office hours and books a venue, sells ESNcards and other merchandise, writes accountant notebooks from the sales, handles cash and card payments, is in charge of the inventory.

SocialErasmus coordinator

  • Position available

Responsible for events and activities dedicated to social problems.

Sports coordinator

  • Position available

ResponsibleParty coordinator

  • Position available

BuddyProject coordinator

  • Position available

Responsible for the buddy project. Buddy project connects local students to exchange students.

Motivation letter and CV to

Perks for joining the board!

  • Credits from the University of Helsinki for degree students (exchange students and interns should check with their home university)

  • Experience of organisational work in a networked organisation that works in local, national and international levels

  • Improve your language skills

  • Increase your competence in, for example, event planning, leadership, team work, decision making, HR, public speaking, communication, social media... you name it!

  • Meet new internationally minded friends and join the international community in Helsinki

  • Making unforgettable memories

  • Opportunities to participate in ESN meetings, trainings and events in the local, national and international levels

  • Get the ESNcard free of charge and access to all the ESNcard discounts internationally

  • Opportunities to participate in our events and trips free of charge

  • Certificate of volunteering from ESN Uni Helsinki