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We are a local section of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) at the University of Helsinki.

The purpose of ESN Uni Helsinki is to improve the status of international students at the University of Helsinki, to assist the social and practical adaptation of exchange students to the Finnish society, to strengthen the bonds between exchange students and to assist the students of the University of Helsinki with "internationalisation at home". We are a non-profit student organisation that organises free-time activities for all internationally-minded students and interns in Helsinki!

Our Values

Our core values are those of unity in diversity, openness, tolerance, and respect.

We are dedicated to eliminate discrimination and encourage diversity among our members and volunteers. We have zero-tolerance policy towards any kind of discrimination or threatening behaviour. We commit to an organisational culture that embraces equality and values diversity and help us to ensure that everyone feels involved and included in our plans and activities.



Finland became part of the Erasmus Student Network with the foundation of ESN HYY. Already before that, some attempts were made to establish the first ESN section in Finland. For example, at the beginning of the 1990s National Union of Finnish Students organised a seminar where also Swedish advocate of ESN was invited. She did her best to make the student unions join ESN at once. But at that time the general feeling towards the international organisations that were popping up in Europe was a bit sceptical.

The way we eventually got involved with ESN is pretty interesting:

The international secretary of the University of Helsinki's Student Union, Teppo Heiskanen, got a phone call asking him to come to Maastricht for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of ESN in 1993. The Board of the Student Union were convinced that this was truly a serious attempt to tackle the problems of growing student exchange numbers. Consequently, ESN HYY became the first ESN section in Finland as a committee of the Student Union of University of Helsinki. Teppo Heiskanen became the first National Representative of Finland and organised the 1994 AGM in Helsinki.


ESN HYY celebrated it's 20th anniversary.


On April 30, ESN Uni Helsinki was registered to the Finnish Patent and Registration Office as Erasmus Student Network - University of Helsinki ry, and gained a legal status as a registered association in Finland.


ESN Uni Helsinki will celebrate it's 30th anniversary!

Office hours

What for?

We sell our ESNcards, overalls, overall badges and other merchandise and distribute free DNA SIM cards during our office hours. Come and get to chat us!


The location and times of the office hours may vary. We will try our best to organise office hours regularly and will announce our office hours on our social media and website, so stay tuned!


Our office hours are usually organised in the Porthania Hall, University building in Yliopistonkatu 3. However, always check the correct location from our social media or website.

Contact us!

The Board

Christopher Ma

Events & Party Coordinator


Inquiries about events, parties, and other activities

Communication Manager


Inquiries about office hours and other general information

Randa Romanova

Partnerships Coordinator


Inquiries about our partners and ESNcard deals

Juan Rosco Ramos Enriquez

Trips Coordinator


Inquiries about our trips

Julia Verstijlen



Board assistants

Natalia Sanz

Communication assistant

Iria Fernandez

Communication assistant

Nicolas Merino

HR coordinator

Julia Perathoner

Office hour coordinator

Event assistants

Emilia Carson

Rachel Jeon

Laura Tarsa

Sara Jasikova

Karolina Budzisz